Thursday, May 10, 2012

Lizard Belly, by Glitter Gal

I received my first order of Glitter Gal polishes this week, WOW! I won't tell which ones I bought, as I want to post them one by one :) But they were all so beautiful I couldn't decide which one to wear first! My boyfriend Brad, liked the name of Lizard Belly - so by request...!



I could keep taking photos of this forever. It is SO beautiful and eye catching! The true colour doesn't completely show up, it looks more black in my photos but it is actually a dark dark green holo!

I thought this photo would be fantastic, so you can see the rainbow holographic effect which Glitter Gal has perfected. I know that the China Glaze OMG Collection was really popular, but to me - GG take holo to a completely different level. The actually holo effect is linear, but it has so much depth and intensity. The formula is super easy to apply, this is two effortless coats along with a top coat. 

I cannot wait to wear the rest of the polishes! In fact I am so impressed that I can already confidently say that I can't believe I have gone this long without ordering anything from them (GG) before! Because I wasn't too sure what to expect, I ordered were in mini versions of the polishes. They are slightly expensive, but have proved to be seriously worth it. What I have decided to do is choose the ones I really adore and order the bigger sizes of them later on :)

By the way, I must say that I am really proud that Glitter Gal; an Australian company - is producing such kickarse holographic polish!! Stay tuned for more colours, but in the meantime - enjoy the hot little sparkles of Lizard Belly <3 <3


  1. Very very nice!!

  2. oh, yes..this is lovely!

  3. Out of all my polishes, Lizard Belly is my all time favorite. I think it will be the first polish I have ever used up the entire bottle. I need to order it in the new bigger bottles. The black holo has the chance to rival it, if I ever get my hands on it!

    1. I can definitely understand why it is your favourite, it is stunning!! :) I'll definitely be re-ordering once my bottle is finished. I think I might swatch LB and the black again now that my nails are longer - any excuse to wear them again! :) :)