Friday, May 11, 2012

Glitter Gal - Dark Purple

Alright so the name might not be like the typical quirky names you often find for polishes, but the colour makes up for that. Dark purple is a gorgeous blue based purple, which has an eye-catching linear holographic effect.

I took a few photos of this, because I think it's important to capture the different degrees of holographic that appear under certain types of lighting. The image above is under an outdoor halogen light, below is out in natural daylight - but slightly just in shade and the last photo is just a closeup to show the holographic flecks which are gorgeous.

The reason why I chose to order this, is because I'm having a hard time trying to complete my OMG China Glaze collection. I've had to resort to stalking eBay to find that people mainly sell the copper coloured BFF version, not the dark mauve. Because I've been looking for a long time, I'm at the point now where I still want a colour like it - but have given up wanting BFF. Not that I think this is a dupe, but I chose this to because I love the vibrancy in this purple. 

And just like Lizard Belly, the formula on the polish is terrific, I used three coats of Dark Purple even though it was opaque at two - I wanted to bring out extra richness in the colour. The holographic closeup shows you what I mean about the richness, look at all those colours! It's a gorgeous colour, and would look wonderful on all types of skin complexions. Glitter Gal polishes are turning into be quite an investment for my stash! <3

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