Saturday, July 28, 2012

Catrice - Metallilac

Firstly I just want to address any issues that anyone may have experienced in the past few hours, if you have tried to access my blog. While making some changes to the layout, settings and a few other various elements I switched the settings to private while these changes took place. I hope you enjoy the new look, any feedback is greatly appreciated!

Now - on to nail polish news. Metalilac is probably the most perfect duochrome for me, as it flashes between pink and purple (my most favorite all time colour combination). Since it's my birthday this weekend, I thought that it would be a PERFECT colour choice for a birthday mani.  :)

Stage One:

Metallilac was actually the polish which first brought my attention to the Catrice brand. Because it is European, we unfortunately have limited access to Catrice - apart from what is shown in the blogging community. Now I can't remember exactly which blog I saw Metallilac first, but I'm glad that I did! It was one of those products which sparked me to go above and beyond so I could have it.

Just like Marilyn & Me, the brush is a flat brush which I find helps me achieve a really nice and even coat.  Although I did find the formula for Metallilac to be on the thicker side, but not problematic. Despite the thickness, the formula dries extremely quickly. By the time I finished my fifth nail, the first one was 95% dry! And me being the impatient type, hey it suits me just fine! And the duochrome, as you can see, appears very easily in all types of lighting. So what you see in the bottle, is what it will look like on your nails which unfortunately isn't always the case.

That's basically it for the 'review' part of my Metallilac post, but the mani isn't going to stop here. I did actually run out of time with completing the look I was going for, but I decided to post the first stage anyway because I couldn't wait to show off this beautiful colour.

Next I will be working on Stage Two, which will be transforming this colour into something more of a Birthday Girl/Celebration type of look.


  1. Very nice, this colour really pops!! Love it.

  2. Thanks Sue! Sorry for the late response, your comment slipped past me :)