Monday, January 23, 2012

$3 well spent

Can someone explain to me, why there isn't a bigger deal made of the L.A Colors color crazes!? I may be jumping ahead of myself here, but the colour I have just applied is amazing! Now I will be the first to admit, I am a little bit of a sucker when it comes to designer cosmetics. So when I walked past a massive bin filled with cheap polishes for $3 each, I wasn't too excited but I looked anyway. Well I am glad that I did! "Electrified" - what an eye opener!

I was so surprised at how gorgeous the formula is! It was the easiest polish I have ever applied, the formula is brilliant! I wouldn't exactly call it a sheer, it is more of a foil and one coat is almost opaque! As I was admiring at how lovely the colour is, which is a coral like colour I noticed something else within this polish that I did not notice earlier......

It has a hint of duochrome! And if you read my blogs, you should know that I do have an obsession with duochromes. The slightest shine of orange/gold which you can see on the base of my nails and around the 'C' for Craze on the bottle.

You can definitely see how it looks like a foil in this image. I also would like to make a hesitant comparison of 'Electrified' with China Glazes 'TMI' from the much desired OMG Collection. Electrified reminded me very much of TMI, but without the holo of course. This is possibly the closest I will ever get, as the OMG Collection are becoming sadly hard to find and expensive. :( If you have TMI, tell me your thoughts - I would love to know your opinion! But as for Electrified, I really like it and I think it will also be fantastic to wear to my friends upcoming wedding (with a little nail art of course!).

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  1. Am going to be looking at LA colors tomorrow! AND i will ALWAYS check out the cheap nail bins now! Thanks for sharing your fantastic find, Can not wait to see what i find!
    Love your blog, great Job!