Thursday, September 27, 2012

Orly Nail Rescue Kit

When you break a nail, what do you do? I get mad, then I sulk because I have to file them all down short. And I don't enjoy having short nails, they just don't suit the shape of my fingers. A few months ago I came across a kit that Orly produces - which caters for this type of beauty injury. So if you hate filing your nails down to a length that shorter than you prefer (which is probably 99% of us) - check this out.

Warning: This is not a post about nail polish! You will be exposed to images of my thumb nail without polish, or cleanup.


Gross. This is my poor broken nail :( If it had tore any further along, it would have really hurt and no doubt would have started to bleed.

orly, repair

Another angle of my broken nail, just in case you wanted a better look! See how much I would have to file my nail down to even the shape?!



Use this nail glue, to paint over your entire nail. Paint it on as if it is polish, it is really smooth, clear but glossy. Remember to not get any glue on your cuticles. 


As soon as you have applied the glue, reach for this little tub of repair power. It is really similar to acrylic powder - except it is more of a silky power. The glue doesn't dry all that quickly, so you can take your time with this.

Dip your whole fingernail or thumb in my case, into the power. I keep it there for a few seconds before slowly pulling my finger back out of the tub. You will have power not only stuck to your nail now, but also on your finger. I just gentle brushed all the excess that was on my skin off, and left the excess on my nail for a couple of minutes while the glue sets. How long? Hmm, it's a good few minutes. Give it around five just to be safe. 



As much as I love Orly, the little file you get in the kit is useless. So forget that and grab your three-way buffing block. Start buffing out your nail on the harder edge. Keep going at this until your nail begins to feel smooth(ish). If it still feels grainy and rough, keep going - it's important that you buff until it is smooth. If you leave it, it will affect your manicures, your polish will look like crud and you will want to do this all over again. SO KEEP BUFFING :P 

Here is my nail, smooth enough to start buffing on the softest edge. Use this edge to further smooth out any rougher sections, so your nail will feel silky smooth and awesome. You will be able to run your finger along your nail and it will feel lovely and natural. 

Here's a closeup of my nail before I buffed it to shine. It is all fixed!

Since taking these photos, I have painted my nails approximately five times. I have broken two more nails since then and have used the kit on them as well. This kit is seriously awesome. It is strong, even though the instructions say not to use acetone - it will still power on through the polish removal process.

 How does it look once you apply polish? 

To me, it looks as though as it was never broken! I LOVE THIS STUFF!!

What are your thoughts?

I can't believe after all this, I forgot to mention where I bought this from! I bought this kit from transdesign. When I looked to find the link - I have noticed that they have added a disclaimer stating that they do not sell Orly to overseas customers anymore. :( So if you are after this, I would suggest probably eBay or Amazon.


  1. Oh AMAZING! I'm going to have to check this out!

  2. Wow that's awesome! Unfortunately when I break mine they usually snap right off rather than hanging on :( Where did you get this from?

    1. Oops I forgot to mention that! I bought it from transdesign :) I'll update my post now