Monday, April 16, 2012

I bought Black Cherry Chutney (say that 10x fast)

I bought more nail polish on the weekend, surprise surprise! This time I finalllllllyyyyy found Black Cherry Chutney! They must have received more in stock since my last visit, as I recall having a short silent tantrum after not being able to find it.

I think it is my favourite polish, but a headache to take photo's of. Some may call it a 'vampy' black red. I call it blackberry. lol. It LOOKS like black, but in natural light and sometimes halogen light, you can see the deep dark burgundy/wine colour shimmer. It is extremely subtle and very sleek. Easy to apply, first coat is a little streaky but the second coat corrects that.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos of BCC before konad'ing :( So it was extra tough to have the cherry shimmer to shine through for the photos, but I think I managed. Not the greatest of photos, but probably the prettiest mani I have done so far. This is BCC polish, with Nicole by OPI's "Give me the 1st dance".


  1. The colour is beautiful and the konad really suits it, your nails look so lovely! I enjoy your blog, thanks for sharing.

  2. this colour is definately on my wish list! i love the darkness of it, it is great because it doesn't look to maroonish either, and the silver on top is a lovely touch! they both make each other stand out...a must have!