Monday, April 30, 2012

a million photos of Glacier Bay Blues

Guess what.

I'm wearing blue - AGAIN!

Suddenly I've been in a mood for wearing blue's lately - and wanted to show off this little multichrome I bought recently. It's another oldie, OPI's Glacier Bay Blues.

Now I have had to take a lot of photo's to try and show the multichrome effect, I'm still not convinced I have done the polish justice though. It actually shifts from a dark midnight blue, to a smoky blue, a dark purple and a federation green. Really really gorgeous.

Put it this way, if you don't have this polish, go out and get it. You know it must be good if I am raving on about a blue :P

The formula was perfect. Admittedly, I applied this at night sitting in my garage - which doesn't have the best light. Mind you it doesn't help that I don't have the best eyesight either. ANYHOW. I found it seriously easy to apply - nice and even and even dries quickly.
The only negative thing I can really say about GBB is that when I first opened it, admittedly I did groan at the tiny fricken brush. I've never seen such a small brush on an OPI before! My liquid eyeliner probably has a thicker brush!!! (possibly exaggerating, don't take that too seriously). But it is a smaller brush, so for those who are big fans of the pro-wide brush - you may find this to be a bit of a downer. Because I know I did.

However as I applied my first coat, despite the brush size it was really lovely. Nice and smooth, but not opaque. These photos above are of three coats and a top coat.

I also got more konad plates :D The lady at the konad store is so lovely, she even admired MY nails. And her nails looked awesome! So glittery and sparkly!

I had to buy the dragonfly plate, since I adore them. You may be wondering why I have applied the konad stamp crookedly? lol. Well, I didn't mean for it to look crooked - I just have this thing about the positioning of dragonflies. I wanted mine to look more inflight, rather than sitting there. So I have nicknamed this konad design as 'dancing dragonflies'!

I hope you like them, because I have a lot of more konads still to come!


  1. This is a nice polish, love the dragonflies top :)

  2. I think this one looks very sophisticated!