Sunday, December 02, 2012

Zoya - Blaze

Zoya's 'Blaze' from the Ornate collection is a jam-packed with holographic glitter, making it a great competitor against the commonly adored 'Ruby Pumps' from China Glaze. Unfortunately, Blaze is really difficult to photographic and the photo's you see below really doesn't do the polish much justice. When looking at it on your nails, you can see intense sparkle and shine from the glitter throughout the jelly-like base. 95% opaque in one coat, what you see below is two coats with a top coat :) The formula applies perfectly. Argh, why has it taken me so long to buy Zoya's?!?! I love them.

 ornate, red, holographic, holo, glitter, polish, nail, dazzle

ornate, red, holographic, holo, glitter, polish, nail, dazzle

I think that besides the holographic effect within Blaze, it is actually a more vampy shade of red than the ever-so-sparkly Ruby Pumps. I would say that if you love Ruby Pumps, you'll love this too - because it has the glittery formula, it has the holographic but it also has this edginess. It's more of a blood red, a Halloween glamour red - rather than a happy Christmas red. :) What do you think?

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  1. Gorgeous! I might have to find myself some of these!