Monday, November 05, 2012

The King of the Holo's

Finally! Uni semester is over, I can breathe a sigh of relief and focus on blogging again. To celebrate, I'm wearing Nfu Oh - 61! Move over GOSH 549, I've got myself a new favourite!

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This polish, is unbelievably, ridiculously shiny and holographic. To quote my friend's description, it's psychedelic. I must stress that if you have been lemming after 549 - don't even worry about it, get this one instead. Of course the 549 is good, but it is rare which obviously affects the price. So save your money from people profiteering on ebay and consider this one instead! I bought my bottle of 61 from fabuloustreet and I wear it with the Aqua Base, which they sell also (The Aqua Base is recommended to be worn under their holographic polishes).

On the topic of the Aqua Base, I just wanted to discuss my thoughts about the product. I've seen other bloggers (not all, just some) say that it doesn't really make much of a difference overall to the holographic polish. I don't know why, but knowing what had been said about it I decided to order it anyway - and I'm glad that I did.

I agree with other bloggers who swear by it, I actually think it makes a gigantic difference to the polish, so much so that I can't understand why people haven't given it more credit.

It doesn't make your polish look different, I mean without it you're still going to see the holographic effect. BUT - from what I have experienced, if you apply this polish over a standard base coat or even no base coat at all, you will find that you have to use a lot of coats to even it out. It is so so so so so streaky, and dries unevenly and well - it just looks gross. But with the base coat, I applied my 61 with two coats and the results were lovely. So not only does it make application much more easier, but it saves a lot of polish because you don't have to build it up so much.

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  1. Holographic nail polish is my favourite! This looks amazing :)