Saturday, July 07, 2012

Jade Holografico - Deja Vu

This was another polish from llarowe which I could not WAIT to try. The pink in Deja Vu, it really is a complex shade. I was actually expecting a hot pink, but it isn't quite a hot pink - it is more like a bright candy pink.

Jade - Deja Vu

 Deja Vu holo

Deja Vu - holo polish

Holographic nail polish


The formula is brilliant! I applied mine with two generous coats and the brush just glided with the polish and provided a really nice coverage. The holographic effect is really beautiful and it flashed even through an overcast day! And I thought that was gorgeous - then when the sun finally came out, it looked like what you see in these photos. Even though I have taken them under halogen lighting, this is also how it looks in daylight.

The konad pattern is from plate m57 and applied with Nicole by OPI 'Razzle Dazzler'. I chose this because, pink and animal print together is a combination which I usually cannot resist. Whether it looks beautiful or tacky, I just can't help myself - I'll just gravitate towards it! But in this case, I like using konad for a feature nail, because it gives you the before and after result at the same time. Especially with holographic polishes, I am always careful to not try and distract from the holo effect.

But in terms of Jade Holografico polishes, they're so beautiful I don't think that any konad would really distract the attention away from them. I cannot wait to try Jade's other polishes, especially if they're all like this! Have you tried this brand before? What do you think of it? :)

***Update 10/7/12

I'm still wearing Deja Vu!

 I <3 Pink + Animal Print :)


  1. A really lovely colour, looks very sophisticated..gorgeous too withbthe konad! Well done, love your nails!

    1. Thank you :) :) It has taken me a while to grow my nails again, I think they are at a pretty nice length now - wouldn't go any longer. Thanks for your comment, gotta love pink animal print!

  2. Hi Mish I LOVE this colour... It does look a bit like OPI's DS Reserve but even nicer! May I also add that your photography is excellent! :)

    1. Hi Sarah! Thanks!! I was actually wondering about buying Reserve - but every photo I see of it is different lol.

      And thank you so much for the compliment about my photos! You made my day :)

    2. Yeah it does look different in different lighting. In some ways it's a conservative colour with a bit of pizazz! I have reviewed it if you want to see (yet another lol) variation of it!

      Oh, my pleasure! Credit where credit is due. :)

    3. I see what you mean about their similarity! Great photo's of it, it's such a feminine, gentle colour - I love it!! I wasn't able to comment on your post though :(

      I love your blog! I hope you don't mind, I added you on to my blog lovin' list. I've only started opening up social networks for my blog so it's all really bare right now lol.

  3. OOOOOOHHHH the last one made me swoon!