Saturday, October 06, 2012

OPI DS Magic

For someone who isn't much of a blue fan - I sure wear a lot of blue polish! DS Magic is one tricky polish to photograph. It is so much prettier in real life, because the duochrome is really lovely and easy to spot.

But, it just refuses to show up properly on the camera! Sorry, I really did try - this was the best I could get...

OPI, designer series, magic, blue, polish

Can you see the tiniest bit of purple?! Well image that, but.. better. A lot better.

Application wise, typical OPI Designer Series - thumbs up. The formula is kind of surprising though,  because looking at the bottle you expect it to be quite glittery, but it's actually more of a frosty/foil. Admittedly I did try to do something creative with this mani, but my attempt with Lincoln Park After Dark wasn't overly great and I ended up peeling it all off while waiting to do a uni presentation. How classy of me!

Anyway I promise another attempt at this one :)

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