Thursday, June 07, 2012

crrrrazy vampy Red!

What do you think is the best kind of polish to wear in the cooler seasons? I've been into reds a lot more lately, in fact I ordered a few different reds from when they had a massive OPI sale. I am really excited to show off one red in particular, OPI's Royal Rajah Ruby. It's an oldie, but holy macaroni it's BEAUTIFUL &^@#%&^@

Grab for your garlic people, Royal Rajah Ruby is probably the vampiest red out there, in my opinion!

I have had this on for a few hours already and cannot stop looking at my nails. It has a really captivating gloss, similar to Black Cherry Chutney except this is more of a mahogany red. Application was easy, needs two coats to be opaque - as one coat is a little streaky on its own. I am seriously thrilled I decided to purchase this, and seriously recommend that if you see this polish anyway just grab it. No matter your age or skin complexion - this is just an extraordinarily flattering colour. <3


  1. Gorgeous gorgeous gorgeous!!!!!!

  2. Beautiful colour - nice find!

  3. Sue: I definitely agree x3 :)

    Kristy: Thank you!! :) :)

    Maisky: Thanks! Yeah I think this one is my top red! :D

  4. Holy moly! That is just fabulous!
    SO classy, Michelle.

  5. Thanks Sheila! I had a feeling you might like this one :D

  6. I really love this colour! it looks perfect for winter and is a sophisticated red, sometimes I am weary with reds as they can look tacky with my blonder hair..but this looks like a perfect bye!