Thursday, April 05, 2012

Orly - Fowl Play

I have gone a long time without owning any Orly polishes, then suddenly I have like a quadrillion bottles! One of my favourites is Fowl Play, don't let the name fool you - it's gorgeous!

This is one light coat, then a second generous coat on top. It has a wonderful application, nice and smooth - but it looks best with a nice glossy topcoat. This is because the formula is heavily textured, with glitter and speckles.

The formula is strange for me to describe but I'll try my best. The base is a aubergine/eggplant jelly that has a tinge of brown to it. This is possibly because of the earthy tones from the specks and glitter which bring the brown shade out. I read on MUA that it is Autumn in a bottle, which is probably the best description of it. The combination gives you blues, browns, golds, purples, reds.. the list goes on.

Fowl play is from the Birds of a Feather collection. It's one of my favourites that I own, when I wear it - I can't stop looking at it. It's great for all skin colours, and all nail lengths - love it.

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