Thursday, January 24, 2013

Returning with Aurora!

Wow, I took a much longer break than I had anticipated! Never fear though, despite my lengthy break I have PLENTY of polish to show for it. First things first, is to finish what I was discussing before Christmas which was the Zoya collection. Aurora is, what I gather one of the Zoya polishes which really brought peoples attention to their Ornate collection. And for good reason too:

Zoya, holo, holographic, pink, burgundy, ornate, nail'n, nail, dazzle

Zoya, holo, holographic, pink, burgundy, ornate, nail'n, nail, dazzle

Aurora is a dark burgundy wine colour and the application matches the rest of the others - perfect. It was a really enjoyable colour to wear, because it's a really feminine holographic. It's pretty, it's striking and the colour is quite complimentary for any skin tone. If you're finding it hard to find this polish, try eBay because that's where I purchased mine.

However if you have OPI DS Extravagance, perhaps don't rush out to buy this. They aren't dupes - but they are similar, the difference being that Zoya's holographic flash brilliant rainbow tones. OPI's holographic particles aren't as bold.

For the next post, I'll be stepping away from Zoya for awhile so I can show some awesome Nail Mail I received from the lovely Llarowe. Stay tuned.


  1. Nice to see you back at last :-)
    I can see why you like these Zoya polishes, beautiful!


  2. The colour is beautiful and looks gorgeous on your lovely nails.

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