Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Uni "life"

So I'm back at uni, hence why I haven't posted for so long. You may notice the title called "uni life" which is my attempt at a joke - because at the moment I don't have one :/

Oh well. I have purchased  a lot of polishes since my last post! I have been taking photos of all the mani's, but really haven't had the time to blog about them. I blame this entirely on my studies, as it has nothing to do with my *cough*lack of time management*cough*. So I guess my posts will be pretty irregular through semester, which is a shame but cannot be avoided.

The polishes I have purchased are:

Orly -
Goth, Bubbly Bombshell, the entire Cosmic FX Collection, Fowl Play, Fifty-Four, Fantasea and Heartbreaker

China Glaze -
Snow Cap, majority (10/12) of the OMG Collection *love*

Revlon -
Fierce (which I have on at the moment)

Sapphire DS, Extravangance DS, Mystery DS, Teasy Does It, Greece just Blue me Away, It's MY Year!

That's only 30 bottles there........ Ummm.. Oopsie :D I don't care, some may find this excessive - I find it exciting!

Btw: You know you're a nail polish nerd, when you have an OPI polish rack in your bedroom.

Now for the bad news, another reason I have not posted is because my first day back at uni - I broke three (YESTHREECANYOUBELIEVEIT?!!) nails. So now my nails are short and hideously stubby, they make my fingers look like little uncooked sausages. I tried to save them, with the tea-bag method, superglue, you name it. The tea-bag method, if you ask me is BS. Was great at first, until I picked up a book - literally just one book and it broke.I've heard so many people rave about this, but sorry it didn't work for me.

So I'm trying to embrace my short nails right now, although really getting impatient at the same time. I have so many polishes I want to wear and swatch, and the short nails don't do it justice. :( It's okay though because by the time I play catchup with all the photos I have taken, my nails should be longer.

Watch this space!

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