Thursday, April 05, 2012

Not like the Movies

I'm back and blogging!

I'll get straight into it by showing you some photos I took awhile ago, while wearing 'Not like the Movies' from the Katy Perry collection. Needless to say it's a multi-chrome, and I want to emphasize the chrome because as you can see in the photos it is really reflective. It contains the colours mainly of green, silver and mauve.

This is two coats layered over one coat of China Glaze 'Liquid Leather', a very sheer polish by itself. I really could not take enough photos, it's one of those polishes that just keeps changing in every photo. I've seen other people wear this without layering and the results are different. Layering over black gives it more of an intensity, you will find that one layer by itself - looks like something you have collected from a swamp. But be patient with it, it is a fascinating colour - but I wouldn't call it a 'pretty' colour.

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