Wednesday, July 18, 2012

OPI - Greece just Blue me away

This polish is ancient, however the reason why I have decided to post about it today is because I wanted to see how close it resembled Cosmic Ocean by Girly Bits (which I had posted about recently). GJBMA doesn't appear to be an overly popular polish, I haven't come across many raves about it. I purchased it awhile ago because I thought it looked beautiful in the bottle.


I have come across some negative reviews of GJBMA, because of its sheer formula. And believe me, it is extremely sheer. People like the colour that they see in the bottle, but dislike the polish when applied on their nails. And I have noticed that many try to wear it alone and finish up with a very pale, translucent, polish which looks kind of.. ordinary. Lovely because it's a duochrome! (of blue/purple/pearly white).. but still ordinary. Wearing it by itself, you would find that it doesn't look like the bottle colour - just a very watered down version. It would take many coats to build it up to an 85% opaque finish - and I'm not really one to have the patience for that so I layer mine over black. The very same type of application that I used for Cosmic Ocean and I think that it is honestly the best way to wear it.



By layering it over a dark colour, like many other sheer polishes out there - (such as Clarins 230 for example) gives them the colour depth to be able to flash their effect. If you have seen my post about Cosmic Ocean, again that's another polish which is recommended for layering and this one is in the same boat. What I love about GJBMA is that it has a glassy finish. Glossy too yes, but when I say glassy I mean it has this reflective type of shimmer in the formula.

So what do I dislike about the polish? The name. Argh I am seriously tired of the Blue puns. Oh! And  my feature nail is two coats of 'Blue Addicted' by Essence, applied over WnW Black Creme and GJBMA. <3

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