Monday, July 16, 2012

China Glaze - Smoke and Ashes

I have a confession to make. I forgot that I owned this - which is why I have only posted about it now! Oops! I actually applied this on Friday and I am still wearing it now - and my nails still looks as though they have been freshly painted. Love that!

Photography wise, well, this polish is hideous to take photos of. It is quite a beautiful little polish! But forget trying to take a good photo of it, it is something you must see on your own nails to know how lovely it is :) But - I tried my best, hopefully these photos give some sort of insight as to what Smoke and Ashes is all about.


 You can definitely see a subtle green in the above image, especially in the bottle. Please excuse the pink tones which were reflecting from my clothes - I didn't notice that until now! Most of the time, this polish (to me) looks black.

In the sunlight, you get a flash of speckled green which is a really deep teal/english racing green. This is a closeup of the polish, and I still cannot tell whether the formula is actually green or if it is black with the green glittery flecks.

Smoke and Ashes is great for those who love the dark vampy colours. Like most China Glaze polishes, the application was easy and it dries very quickly. I think that it is a really elegant polish, the glitter adds depth to the polish which allows it to break away from being categorized as just another dark polish.

S&A has a a really really subtle duochrome. So subtle in fact, some may not realise that it's even there. The change between green and blue, unfortunately does not show on the nail. But you can see it in the bottle, holding it at an angle. This is probably the only downfall I find about this polish, it annoys me when the effect shows in the bottle but not when you wear it. But because I like it, duochrome or not, it isn't really a big issue. :)

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  1. This polish looks good! And of course, no tipwear in a while is definitely a PRO!