Thursday, July 12, 2012

Ludurana Love - lots of pics!

I want to show off another recent purchase of mine, Ludurana's Aurora Boreal - 'Emocionante'. This is one of those polishes, that no matter how many photos you take of it you just cannot seem to capture what you see with your own eye. The multichrome effect in Emocionante is seriously mesmerizing, because the formula for this polish has a frosty chrome-like finish. I just can't seem to put it into words, but it really isn't like anything my other polishes. Before bombarding your screen with images, you probably want the stats. Application? Easy! Dry time? Fast! PHOTO TIME!




The ONLY downfall I noticed with the polish is that it tends to shy from the tips during application. You can notice this from my images (oops) and I have had this happen before with other polishes. I don't know WHY it happens, but to fix it - continue with your application and apply your topcoat. Wait until it is completely dry, apply another coat of polish and another coat of topcoat. White tips be gone!



I love the colours within the multichrome and that the transition from colour to colour can be easily observed without having to hold your hand up at ridiculous angles to find the colours! I must mention that the konad pattern for this mani, is the first time it has actually worked for me! This fishnet design has often faded out during the stamping process, but this time it worked! When the polish looks blue, it has a nautical look about it. But when the polish is purple, it has a burlesque type of look to it. The konad pattern is from plate m57, and was applied with 'Luxe' by Orly.


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  2. Oh wow, amazing shots! You really captured the duochrome! These polishes are gorgeous!

  3. Hi :) I have just followed your blog, it's amazing! I love the fishnet pattern over that purple polish, it looks spectacular.

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