Tuesday, April 24, 2012

butter LONDON - The Black Knight

I received my stash of butties last week and was SO excited. It felt like it took forever to receive them!

From L to R: 'The Full Monty', 'The Black Knight' and 'Tramp Stamp'. 

I happily applied TBK on first, because it reminded me of 'The Dark Knight' movie, which I was in the process of writing a ridiculously detailed analysis on for uni. So I thought painting my nails may give me luck. Or a reason for procrastinating, whatevs. :D

So, from reading all the hysteria about butter LONDON, I was absolutely bummed out by the formula. The end result was O-KAY'ish... But you know what, TBK chipped that very night. So either my layers were too generous or I'm going to fail that assignment. hmm. :/

Anyway, back to the polish discussion. I just found the polish to seem so sticky! My first layer was very light, my second was a little more generous and my third is usually to patch up any streaking or whatever may need to be fixed. I don't know, I'm just not a fan :( I won't completely diss the brand, because their colours are really lovely and I think the names are hilarious (I so badly wanted 'Disco Biscuit' but it was sold out boo). The packaging is great too, I especially like how the lid isn't attached to the brush it just makes the bottle feel that little more secure from leakage.

What are your thoughts of BL polish? I'd love to know how others felt about the formula, because I'm beginning to wonder if maybe I have a bad bottle!?!

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  1. i would be really interested in trying the dark knight colour as it is one of my favourite movies of all time! even though it sounds like not the best quality of polish, it still looks amazing in your photos :)