Saturday, November 17, 2012

Essence: Alice had a Vision - Again

So, Essence have a cosmetic range dedicated to the Twilight Saga - Breaking Dawn Part 2. I have to say, I do like Twilight... I've watched the movies, read the books etc etc. While I'm not obsessed with it, I do like it. But when I saw the fresh and fully equipped Essence stand in Target - I just kind of... bought everything. Does that happen to you? You buy things as if you've been hypnotized to do so? ANYWAY.... Today I'm going to show off only some of what I had purchased and I'll tell you why, after the images.

essence, polish, twilight, breaking, dawn, purple, glitter, diamond, bundle, monster, stamp, gold

essence, polish, twilight, breaking, dawn, purple, glitter, smokey, black, loose

As you can see, with each polish in the range there is an eyeshadow (well loose powder) to match. And I think that's pretty cool!! This is my first eyeshadow swatch by the way, so I hope it offers enough detail!

Okay now the polish...

Um. Honestly I found the formula to be thick, goopy and sticky. It just doesn't apply very smoothly, and the brush is very similar to the ones Catrice uses. However with Catrice polish, I LOVE the brush. But because of Essence's formula, I'm afraid that the brush doesn't really ensure a nice, even application. What you see in the nail polish image is three coats with a generous top coat.
 Looks wise, the polish is gorgeous. A black jelly with purple and turquoise glitter. I stamped the Bundle Monster Diamond Image, kind of as a joke. I wore this especially to Breaking Dawn II, because 1) it's a twilight themed polish so how could I not and 2) the vampires sparkle like diamonds in the sun haha. ahhhh anyway.

The eyeshadow, it's nice but isn't fantastic. Perhaps it's because it isn't as pigmented as what I had imagined it to be. So even with this swatch, it took a little build up to reach this result. Even over Urban Decay's Primer Potion.

Overall I feel a little deflated from this range now. I will swatch the others, but there are so many other polishes I am more excited about. So I'll leave it up to you - would you prefer to see the other Twilight polishes? Or should I bring out the special one's I've received from my latest international purchase? :D

Edit (19th Nov, 2012): I forgot to mention the polish I used for the diamond! It was China Glaze's "Passion", which is a gold chrome. Excellent for stamping and is a great dupe for those who are on the search for China Glaze's "2030" - which is a really popular opaque gold, used for stamping. Sorry for the oversight!!


  1. bring out the special international polishes :) hehe

  2. Yes show us the new ones from overseas :-)

    1. Okay that'll be my next post :) :) :) Thank you!

  3. What polish did you use to stamp the diamond with?

    1. Oops, I forgot to mention that!! China Glaze "Passion"! I'll add that into the post, I'm glad you asked :D