Tuesday, July 03, 2012

Girly Bits - Cosmic Ocean

My very first order from llarowe arrived today! It took me awhile to decide which one to wear first, but I decided to wear the one I have been wanting the longest. For ages I have been basically stalking the llarowe shop, checking to see if Cosmic Ocean was available. When it was, well I wasn't going to waste any time! Now that I own it and wearing as I write this post, I must admit that Cosmic Ocean has exceeded my expectations. FYI - This post contains a number of images.

Cosmic Ocean

Application wise, Cosmic Ocean was infallible. The formula is extremely sheer as you will see from the following image, therefore it is recommended that you layer it. I chose to apply two coats over Wet n Wild Black Creme and I adore the results.

Girly Bits - Cosmic Ocean

Although this image is slightly blurry, it is a great representation of the bottle and what to expect if you were to order it. See what I mean about the sheer formula? Hopefully you have also noticed the micro-glitter which provides a wonderful glimmer to the polish.

Girly Bits nail polish

I consider Cosmic Ocean to be a multichrome. Unfortunately I couldn't capture all of the shades, but you can definitely always see the mixture of blue's. In natural light, is when you see a bold flash of sparkly green which is really rich and gorgeous.

Cosmic Ocean nail polish

Girly Bits

Girly Bits Cosmic Ocean

Overall, I am amazed with this polish!! I am so happy to have it and it really was worth the wait. I must also mention how impressed I was with llarowe's service. Shipping was quite fast and I really liked how all of the products in my order were securely wrapped. I'll definitely be purchasing more from llarowe AND more from Girly Bits! <3

***Update: 4/7/12***

I thought I should add another image, to show Cosmic Ocean in natural light. Wow....

Girly Bits - Cosmic Ocean


  1. Oh, that is just gorgeous!
    Don't go breaking any nails, they are looking fab.


    1. Thanks Sheila! Don't jinx me! haha :)

  2. You have gorgeous nails!! Love the blog :)

  3. Aww thank you Jazminella!! :) :)

  4. A beautiful colour, love how it changes from blues to greens..very very nice!

  5. Looks extra gorgeous in natural light!