Friday, April 27, 2012

Subtle Konad

Awhile ago, I purchased majority of the Face of Australia's Barbados collection.

Anyway yesterday I was looking through my polishes and decided I would wear the silvery blue colour from the collection "You Blue Me Away".... I know right, the name is cheesy. I looked at the bottle and rolled my eyes. But I was intrigued with how this would look, it's so foily. A pain in the butt to photograph with the konad, because it is so shiny! 

The formula was pretty easy to apply. This was two coats and a top coat, konad then another top coat. The first coat is 90% opaque, which impressed me. I wasn't sure what to expect really, but in all honesty I was pleasantly surprised with the application. Now I just need to remember to try the rest of them, so I can show the whole collection :P

I wanted to go for a subtle konad mani this time. So in regards to the konad specs, I used Orly's 'Lunar Eclipse' from the Cosmic FX Collection and the m57 konad plate.

What do you think? Are subtle konad's the way to go? Or do you prefer to go all out, sparkles, brights and bling? 


  1. Very nicely done, the subtle konad is a nice effect.

  2. such a pretty blue, the sparkle looks quite subtle which i love..and the konad on top is a lovely touch! I love how the konad brings the silver out of the colour.

  3. Did you end up getting the rest of them? they;re not all as opaque unfortunately))

    1. I didn't end up buying any more. I started to hunt for Iron Ore from the collection before this - since finding it I haven't really looked at the FOA range. I figured they wouldn't be opaque - I really should swatch them anyway though. Thanks for reminding me! lol