Tuesday, June 05, 2012

Pretty Serious - CGA

CGA from Pretty Serious Cosmetics is a pale pink with a purple tint. It is a very pretty, innocent shade of pink compared to what I'm used to wearing - but I love it just as much.

It has a slight holographic shimmer, which sets it apart from many other pale pinks out there. You can see this shimmer on my little finger in the first image; which sets it aside from many other pale pinks out there. So even though the base colour is placid, it has a gorgeous finish.



Because the weather today was pretty miserable, I wanted to add an extra bit of sparkle. So on my ring finger I layered China Glaze's 'Anklets of Amethysts'. After I was finished, I thought that this is a colour that a princess would wear. Random thought, I know - but then I realised what made me think of this... All you kids from the 80's might remember this :) It matches the dress that the cute little mice make for Cinderella!! <3

1 comment:

  1. I really like this pink (i am a massive fan of pale colours) and your reference to Cinderella! the sparkly ring finger is a cute touch!