Thursday, May 31, 2012

Pretty Serious - Tux

Pretty Serious Cosmetics is a new Australian brand, which has recently released a fantastic collection "Hello World!". In the collection there are six stunning colours, which I will present over the next week. Starting from today - it's all about Tux!

Tux is a bottle of teal/purple duochrome, which applies just like a dream. Easy, quick and glossy!

Trying to capture the purple was a mission, this is the closest I could get. Which is frustrating because I could see the purple on my nail - but the camera just wouldn't pick it up! The weather wasn't doing any favours for me, as usual - the sun disappears as soon as I paint the first nail. (seriously this happens to me all the time!!)

The colour is so flattering, it's a really beautiful polish. When I ordered the collection, I received it in two days - so I was very impressed. I also wanted to mention how awesome the packaging is! All my nail polishes were individually boxed, which I thought looked really lovely and professional. I also love the image on the back of the boxes, of a girl painting her nails - I think it's really cute!

Another wonderful fact is that all of the Pretty Serious products are vegan. Plus also 3 free, and formaldehyde resin free! Stay tuned for the rest of the collection, I'm going to enjoy this colour for a few days! <3