Monday, May 07, 2012

Orly Bubbly Bombshell

If I were to choose a favourite nail polish, I think it would be this one.


Orly Bubbly Bombshell, a strikingly rich fuschia/purple glitter polish. It is glitzy, fun and extremely eye catching - so if you're in the mood to party consider this to be the polish you choose for a good night out.

The funny thing about this polish, is if you go to order it online - some sites will show a swatch depicting BB as a dark purple shimmer. This is kind of disappointing, because if I had not had seen BB swatched on another blog - I wouldn't have known that Orly have a polish in MY (and yours too if you love it!) colour. Believe me, I have spent quite awhile looking for the perfect pinky-purple shade - there are many that do come close but this is it.

Anyway back on track, so BB is a glitter and therefore is annoying to remove. This is where the foil removal method may come in handy for you, because this polish is seriously 99.9% glitter - otherwise be prepared to sit there for awhile surrounded by a million cotton balls!

Another thing as well is that this glitter polish is opaque in three coats. The formula is a clear with the pink/purple glitter so you could experiment with layering it with other shades for effect. Be mindful that you will need a decent top coat. Glitter's are notorious for eating at top coats and there is nothing worse than the feeling of gritty nail polish on your nails!


Application can be a little tricky, glitter's are probably my least favourite of polishes. But as I mentioned, there is so much glitter in the formula that you won't find yourself to be dealing with bald spots or any other type of coverage problems. These photos are of three coats, plus a base coat and finally two layers of top coat.


For those who love pink, Bubbly Bombshell really needs to be in amongst your polish stash. It's flashy, it's out there and it's a really fun colour to wear. It's one of those polishes that really makes you feel good when you wear it :) Bubbly Bombshell, definitely a party in a bottle kind of polish <3

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