Friday, June 29, 2012

Ladybug Nail Art!!

Yesterday I saw some nail art goodies that I just couldn't resist. A cute little pot of glitter, a little pot of lady bugs PLUS a Face of Australia polish which I have been looking for for MONTHS - Iron Ore!

Iron Ore

Iron Ore

Nail Art

Lady Bug

Red Glitter

This is a really basic attempt at nail art, but I've been in the mood for a crafty mani lately and I think I found my fix. How did I do it?

After completing the application for Iron Ore (two coats and a top coat), I dipped the tip of my ring finger downwards into the glitter pot. For those who are looking to try and fiddle with glitter, I find this way to be the least messiest method. 
To attach the ladybug piece, I waited for the topcoat that had bonded the glitter to completely dry and dabbed a little bit of an old OPI gluggy topcoat I have (I have kept it just for these type of occasions lol). Then, finally a second topcoat!
You don't always have to put a topcoat over the nailart. Especially with chunkier nail art, it is often applied as the final touch. But as you can see in the photo's of the ladybug pot, the ladybug's are matte and appear rubbery. I knew that by adding the topcoat, it would make the red on their wings pop in colour and shine. More importantly, the topcoat will keep them secure on my nails - and hope that they can survive the weekend!


  1. So cute and yet elegant at the same time. I love it!

  2. Sorry, that was me :-)


  3. Hehe thanks for your comment! I liked it too, it was fun! I love ladybugs, hopefully I'll be able to find some dragonfly nail art too someday!!