Sunday, July 01, 2012

China Glaze Frostbite

Frostbite is honestly, the prettiest blue polish I have ever seen. The intensity of this blue is extraordinarily striking, it really glows and and shines beautifully. It was actually one of the first China Glaze polishes I had bought and every time I wear this - I am guaranteed to receive compliments for it. And guess what, it happened again this time - on numerous occasions! :) Hopefully the photo's will show you why...

I have been in a glittery mood lately (incase you haven't noticed) and decided to continue with my little glitter fascination. I like the look of glittery tips, because it doesn't take too much attention from the base colour. Plus I recently received an order I made from Beauty Joint - and I couldn't wait to test out some of the polishes :)

I decided with L.A Girl Glitter Addict 'Celebrate' and the formula for this is fantastic!! There is nothing better than a glitter polish which behaves and does what you want it to do! Wherever I applied with the brush was where the glitter would go, no clumping, no dragging and best of all - a really nice amount of glitter with each brush stroke. I love the look of Celebrate, it reminds me of hundreds and thousands sprinkles <3


  1. Looks very pretty, gorgeous blue! Beautifully done Michelle :)

  2. Love the blue and it looks like party time with the sparkles :-)
    Your nails are looking really lovely and cared for.
    I lost one today, boohoo.


    1. Thanks Sheila :) It's taken awhile for my nails to grow to a decent length. Im happy with the length they're at now. Shame about your break, hopefully it wasn't too painful!