Monday, January 23, 2012

Nail polish spree!

So the last few days, have been fairly busy. I've been to a hens night, shopping, going out for lunches, breakfasts AND - nail polish shopping :D

I found a wonderful bargain on a day which I didn't even plan on buying any polish. You see, I owed my mum a day out for her birthday - within that day while looking around in Paddy's Markets (Sydney CBD) I spent $25 on five polishes!! 3 x L.A Colours and 2x China Glaze! I was over the moon, not only because of the price but because I had found a colour that I had been wanting for quite awhile now - China Glaze's 'Stella'. Not only is it an extremely sexy purple and almost the same colour as my car, it is also my favourite girls name and the name of my four-legged bestest friend :)

I must admit, this photo was taken 3 days after it was applied (sorry!!) but LOOK AT IT! Besides the slight tip wear - (which is inevitable for because I am quite rough with my manicures lol) it is such a rich, gorgeous colour. The application was easy, the texture of the polish is so smooth and with a good top coat - it is so glossy it looks like glass.
The polish really matched my outfit for the Hens night, and a lot of people complimented on the colour and how shiny it was. The only way I can describe it, is that it remains to look like it is wet polish on your nails.

You could also say, especially after looking at the above image, that it appears to have a chromatic effect! I am actually surprised that Stella is easily accessible still, so you must buy it before everyone else discovers it! I think this very well may be my goto nail polish. I just cannot get enough of it, hot hot hot!

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