Friday, January 13, 2012

Look out - It's a flakie!

Living in Australia, I find that where we are located geographically we often miss out on a lot of cool things which appear to be easily accessible in the U.S and U.K. By no means is this a complaint, it is more of an awe/envious statement that I believe other Australian nail fanatics would agree. 


Shopping today in Priceline, I was looking at the Australis range - which mind you is a brand I have not worn since I was about fifteen.. Low and behold, they have a flakie polish!!

I have spent months, drooling over the Nfu Oh brands and trying to decide if I want to pay a small fortune for one from eBay. It seems to be the easiest way to purchase and have sent to Australia! But, I have had other things to pay for and well, I couldn't make up my mind on which Nfu I would buy first. So when I saw THIS - I had to have it. It is called "Speck-tacular" and was only $8.95!

Another polish I got for Christmas was OPI's heavenly 'Ate Berries in the Canaries'. It is a gorgeous purple/pink creme which applies like butter. I already had painted this on my toenails so I decided to match and experiment with the flakie.

On the bottle Speck-tacular is classified as a top coat, however I still applied Seche Vite over it to ensure that it would remain smooth and glossy.

Because this is the only flakie I own, I cannot compare it to any other type. I found that I needed to apply two coats because I wanted more flakes than what one coat would provide. Are the flakes usually brushed on sparingly? Would love to know how this brand rates in comparison. Maybe I really need to buy some Nfu Oh's for "educational purposes"....

Because the flakes are holographic this would look great over an opaque black! I expected the formula to be a little difficult, but it isn't - it's very easy and glides on evenly and dries fairly quickly. A great little polish which I am happy I found!

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  1. I have seen this so many times on the shelf and have walked right past it! Oh my goodness, looking at your swatches I think I NEED (not want, I need more nail polish right?HAhaha) this flakie :)

    Love your idea of buying Nfu Oh's for educational purposes! A true polish addict just like me :)