Monday, January 09, 2012

OPI Movin' Out

This bottle of multichrome goodness is an oldie but goodie (2003 Holiday on Broadway collection). I purchased it from eBay a couple of months ago and very pleased that I did, because it is gorgeous!

The multichrome is amazing, the formula is lovely and smooth - if you find this, BUY it. Others have compared it to Clarins 230 and in some ways they are quite similar. Both polishes are fantastic for layering (rather than wearing alone), in some angles they even look similar. However Clarins 230 is more of a berry colouring and Movin' Out is a dusky purple/mauve.

The amount colours which reflect from this polish is very surprising. From a purple, will change to a dusty rose, to gold, bronze and also green!

After taking what seems like, a million photos - I still feel that I have not justified how great the multichrome looks! Because I am kind of obsessed with duochrome and multichrome polishes, I must say that this is a favourite to play around with. Because it changes with whatever you choose to layer it over. Today, I have layered it over Rimmel 'Black Cherries', other times I have used BB Couture 'Glampyre', OPI 'Light My Sapphire' and even China Glaze 'White on White' (which changes it to a duochrome of light pink and gold). I look forward to using this when I hopefully buy a Konad Set - I think it will look AMAZING :)

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