Friday, January 27, 2012

Texan beauty!

Out of the OPI Texas Collection, I only own one polish. It is Austin-tatious Turquoise and it is an eye catcher. The thing I find funny about this colour, is that I am honestly not a fan of blue OR green - but this colour? It's beautiful!!

What makes me like it more, is that it is a duochrome - but I'll go into that more later. For starters, this is definitely for layering, apply it by itself and it looks very green, very translucent and not much like the colour of the bottle. I have tried this colour over dark blues, purples - but this time it was over black and whoa - what a result!

I started with my "go to" black, which is China Glaze's "Liquid Leather". A gorgeous, sleek, shiny black which is 98% opaque with just one coat. I have read reviews on about people being a little disappointed with this colour - which made me want to discuss this polish in detail.

I have tried a few black polishes in the past and Liquid Leather by far, is my favourite. With one coat, it is thick enough to apply evenly, the formula allows the polish to spread easily and the shine is wonderful. The only downfall I would  mention, is that if I had named this polish I would probably have called it something like Patent Leather, rather than just Liquid Leather to acknowledge its gloss. Because the finish reminds me very much of Michelle Pfeiffer's 'Cat Woman' catsuit. 

Anyhow, after one coat of Liquid Leather - Austin-tatious Turquoise was ready to go. As it is applied, you can see the polish pop and the glittery flecks of teals, blues and purples appear. I'm not sure on other people's experiences with this polish, but I find the duochrome effect is much more noticeable when layered over black rather than any other colour.

I think that the hint of purple is what makes this colour. It reminds me of Peacock feathers! What I also like about this polish is that it is suits all skin tones. Without being bias, the duochrome is what really helps the polish suit anyone who wears it. It has an intensity and sparkle which even a blue and green hater like myself, cannot even resist.

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  1. The liquid leather by china glaze looks very professional, black polishes can be tricky and often look cheap, but this looks like a great black! i would be very interested in purchasing this nail polish has been an absolute favourite of mine for a long time, especially as it matches my rocky choice of music!