Saturday, May 12, 2012

Glitter Gal Light as a Feather

Today I'm wearing another one of Glitter Gal's holographic polishes, Light as a Feather.


This one has been quite different from the others I've tried so far, I must admit I was expecting great results from this. But I'm not sure, I'm in two minds about it...

Light as a Feather is more of a sheer formula, so I layered two coats over NYC Colors polish 'Casper'. Because the Glitter Gal polishes come in small bottles (I have the mini versions), I didn't want to use numerous amounts of coats to build up the colour and feeling like I'm wasting the bottle on a few mani's. Which is why I decided to layer over white and I'm glad that I did because I found the formula to be a little streaky, leaving bald spots every now and then. Don't get me wrong, the holographic is quite pretty but I personally like dramatic effects when it comes to duochromes, holo and multichromes.

Light as a Feather is not a very photogenic nail polish. I took a number of shots and honestly - it just keeps showing up the same. In person the polish is slightly darker and more of a light grey/oyster colour - definitely not as white as it looks in the photos, sorry :(




However on a positive note, the holo is really pretty and does offer lot of depth to the colour. So you'll find that even indoor lighting lighting will still pick up subtle flashes of holographic. As I was first applying it, I wondered if lighting would easily capture the holographics, yes it does. BUT remember, it is not a strong holo like the others I have swatched so far. It is much more placid than he others from its group, so if you are like me and love dramatic polishes - you may or may not like it.

It totally depends on your style, I think it would look great with konad or other forms of nail art, so you will probably see this polish pop up again in my blog.

Overall for me, it's definitely not a disappointment, I like Light as a Feather enough to wear it again. I'm just not really into greys that much, and this is the first one I own so it'll take some getting used to :) Thankfully though, this is not the last of the Glitter Gals as I still have two (I think) more to go <3 <3. What do you think of this colour?

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