Friday, June 08, 2012

Rodeo Fanatic all sparkled up

Today I bought the 'Out the Door' Silver Hologram topcoat and couldn't wait to try it out. I decided to try it over China Glaze's 'Rodeo Fanatic' which has been sitting on my table waiting to be worn. RF is a duochrome which is VERY similar to OPI's Glacier Bay Blues. I find the difference to be that while they are both a teal colour, GBB is more blue teal while RF is more of a green teal. Both however are a duochrome which flashes purple. Unfortunately, the purple would not appear in any of the photos! But trust me it is there :) I was really pleased with how it turned out, firstly the polish is great - but the topcoat is seriously awesome. For all you holographic fans out there - you need to have this. Just like I now need to have this topcoat in ever colour available :) (As far as I know it also comes in gold).

Before starting the mani, I had a look at the reviews from MUA and what people thought of the topcoat. Some love it while others thought it did not dry fast enough. Well, honestly from what I experienced today with it - it is excellent. Drying time is insanely fast, I don't know how fast people expect a topcoat to dry. But it is just as quick and glossy as Seche Vite (which is the fastest topcoat I've ever worn).

The holographic glitter is gorgeous! I took so many photos to try and show how off the holo effect but I couldn't capture the perfect shot unfortunately. I was really pleased with the formula of the TC, considering that it consists of micro glitter - the finish is extremely smooth. If you like Seche Vite, you'll like this. The only downfall with it is that it is a little smelly, I know SV smells too - but the smell with this one lingers a lot longer. I noticed I could actually still smell the tc about half an hour later, at the time I was watching tv and my hands were flat down beside me - so you can tell it would have been pretty strong. However, easily fixed - just wait until your nails are completely dry and wash them with soap and it will go :)

What do you think? What is your favourite topcoat?


  1. Looks lovely :) Do you know if this is similar to China Glazes Wireless Holographic topcoat? Thanks

  2. Thank you :) Unfortunately I don't own Wireless, but I've seen a lot of people use it! I think Wireless has more glitter coverage per coat than Out the door holo. In my photo's I am using two coats - and the glitter is still fairly spaced out. It also depends on the type of result you want, OTD is fairly subtle where Wireless is more edgy :)

    The Polish Addict has a great comparison of holo top coats here: hope this helps :) :)

  3. I really like the hologram topcoat, it really sparkles and i loved your idea of pairing it with that blue :)

  4. Love the blue and 'celestial' top layer.
    I occasionally use seche vite, butbfind it pentrates through thenpolish and stains the i dont always use it.
    I will try this one too :)))