Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Glitter Gal Red holo

The last swatch of my Glitter Gal haul, the red holo:

 Indoors: Fluorescent lighting
Indoors: Halogen lighting

Outdoors: Direct sunlight

I know some of the photos are more flattering than others, which is exactly why I posted them. I found the red holo to be, well - probably my least favourite. Red may not be my go-to colour for a manicure, but there is something about this colour that appears not clash with my skin tone. This is my own personal opinion here, you may think its gorgeous and I do agree that it's very pretty. But comparing this with the others such as Lizard Belly and the dark purple - it doesn't have the strength in the base colour to honour the holograph effect. Which is why it is my least favourite of the group - however still a great little polish :)

The image with direct sunlight is as vibrant as it gets, however in the time that I have worn this (two days) most of the time it has looked like the first image. Still pretty, but my own preference will always steer to the more out there colours. I think it would be safe to say that I was surprised that this wasn't an intense red holo. I think it's because the holograph is outlined in a warm amber - which makes the effect seem a little more subtle and takes the contrast of the blue/silver away from the base colour.


  1. Very pretty, unusual color change in different lighting. I like it :)

  2. It is very pretty, takes some getting used to from the usual colours I wear - but I'm glad I was able to show the different changes in the polish :) :)