Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Buying more than I can wear, literally.

So it's at that point in the uni semester where I have take home exams, on-campus exams and other major assessments going on :( But rather than looking like I have gone on a blogging hiatus, I thought I would put up a little teaser of a pic and show whats coming up.

Seriously, I've had the time to buy the polish - but just not wear it. It's crazy! But I'm not complaining, buying polish is therapeutic to me :D So anyway, here we have it:

From front, to back - we have GOSH holographic, OPI Kennebunk-Port, Stargazer Silver, Absolutely Alice, Royal Rajah Ruby, Honk if you Love OPI, OPI DS Reflection, Lincoln Park After Dark - Matte OPI and China Glaze's Rodeo Fanatic!


I also purchased an entire collection, from a brand I have never purchased before. I haven't taken a photo of it, because I wanted to create some kind of suspense.. Here's a hint, it's a brand new Australian brand <3

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  1. I cannot wait to see the photos of your new polishes, especially the sexy reds!