Monday, May 28, 2012

Essence Where is the Party?

A few weeks ago, I spotted the Essence range in Target and was thrilled to find the polish I had been lemming over for quite a while!

Where is the Party? Is a cute little duochrome which flashes from purple to green. I was really impressed with the formula, I'm not sure why but I expected it to be sort of murky and not show much of the duochrome. But I'm really really happy with it! 

This photo is probably the best one, as this is what it looks like in daylight. The colour shift is really obvious and constant - and I'm really glad I was able to capture the shift in process.

Ever since I bought this, I have been so excited to wear it. I'm glad Target sell the essence range, although in my local shop the stand is completely trashed - it's worth a look through no matter how uninviting it looks. You are bound to find something good, because the prices are really cheap and the colours of the products are gorgeous! This is the first essence polish I have worn and I'm sold  <3

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