Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Catrice - Marilyn & Me

I recently ordered some Catrice polishes, because I've seen people post some beautiful photo's of their collection - and when I received my order; lets say I that I definitely wasn't disappointed. However, when it came time to swatch these colours - I didn't intend on wearing them with shorter nails. Sigh, yes - I have had to cut my nails down AGAIN! Anyway, please try your best and ignore the state of my nails and concentrate wholeheartedly on the beautiful 'Marilyn & Me' - by Catrice.



This polish really suprised me when I first began my mani. Admittedly I did not read about it before ordering, I actually went by the name (being a Marilyn Monroe fan) and that I really enjoy wearing reds in Winter - and wanted another.

The formula is actually a jelly! And in the jelly is red glitter which appears consistently throughout the application, so there is no need for strategic brushstrokes to add glitter! The bottle comes with a flat brush, which I really like and assisted in a fast and neat application.

To describe the shade of red is tough. It's a warm red, which seems to have a glow about it and reflects in many different types of lighting. The shine from M&M is really eye-catching and is not a typical shine that you see from most polishes. It reminds me of the pigmented shiny red which you often see affiliated with the rock n roll era - so think jukeboxes, Grease Lightning, candy-cane red.

I like it!! What do you think?!! <3


  1. It's gorgeous! I'm a sucker for red jellies :)

  2. This is my first red jelly!!!! And I'm a sucker for them already lol

  3. A very pretty colour, suits your nails..its lovely!

  4. I love this candy red! i really want to try red jellies now! thanks for amazing pics