Friday, August 17, 2012

OPI Black Spotted!

I am very excited to show off the latest addition to my collection - OPI Black Spotted. At this time (as far as I know) it is sold exclusively in France, but thanks to eBay I managed to grab it at a fairly decent price.


My very first attempt with Black Spotted, was over China Glaze's Purple Panic (Neon). It's one of my favourite neon polishes and I couldn't wait to see the contrast between the pink and black!




My second attempt, was with Nicole by OPI's 'One Voice'. Even though yellow isn't really a go to colour of mine, again I wanted another contrast with the black.

black spotted-opi


It seems as though, people have all different type of experiences with the Spotted. I'm not entirely sure why, but in my opinion the formula for this polish takes some getting used to. It is not a simple straight forward formula which you can just slap on without much thought. You do need to be somewhat strategic with the application, and I'll tell you why...
  • Firstly the formula surprised me, it is an oily type of texture which a little does go on a long way. It is NOT like the chunkiness OPI Black Shatter. So when you take off the lid, use thin coats by dragging the brush against the bottle neck on both sides. (With normal polish, I just scrape one side and apply with the other - so this was different for me!) 
  • Secondly, if you apply a thin coat, you will have more spots. If you apply a thicker coat, you will see less spots. So be mindful with your colour choice and what type of spots you are after.
  • The very first time I applied the polish, as a tester when I first received it. I applied it over my chosen colour, and noticed it began to crackle. Yes! It can crackle! Boy was I mad! I later found out, that you need to make sure that your chosen colour is 100% dry/set before applying the spotted, otherwise you will see spots and crackles. And between me and you, I am SO over the crackles. This was a look I did not want! So patience is key :)
  • I actually found that the biggest difference between my pink and yellow spotted mani's, was that the yellow was resulted with a neater and more smooth finish. You can see in the second Pink image, the spots even under the topcoat look bumpy. You really have to look closely for it, but I noticed this and I didn't like it. So when I applied the yellow, I actually applied a thin coat of a fast dry topcoat and letting it completely set before applying the spotted. Then after that I applied two more coats of TC, the final coat being a more generous one. The topcoat will ensure that your colour is 100% set/dry and that your mani will in the end look nice and smooth.
  • Not that this is a bad thing, but when you apply the spotted - as you move the brush along the nail you will actually see the spots appear instantly. The Shatter had a slight delay with seeing the crackle slowly show, but this is extremely quick.
Overall, I love the concept of this. The spotted effect is new and exciting, but a shame that it has been sold exclusively for France as part of the Spiderman Collection. But I would say that with the reaction the rest of the world has had on this polish, it will only be a matter of time before OPI will produce more of the Spotted range! What are your thoughts of Spotted? Feel free to comment :)