Monday, November 26, 2012

DIY: Storage for Makeup Brushes

Do you have certain go-to brushes for makeup? I do, awhile back I purchased the Real Techniques brushes starter set and have become a huge fan. I definitely plan on buying more from the range, but in the meantime - I needed a proper place to keep them. The velcro pack they come with, doesn't really keep them secure so with influence from Pinterest, I decided to make my own storage!

I began on the hunt for a decent small vase, and found two at the local market. They were the perfect size, roughly around 15cm tall. The glass is a good quality, nice and clear - the reason I say this is because you can often find 'cheap' vases, glasses etc which have a thin, smokey/foggy glass that never seems to look polished no matter how much you clean it. Thankfully this wasn't the case, and they were only $3 each! I bought one for eyes and the other one for face.

 Average photo, I know. But as you can see - just an ordinary vase. Mason jars are popular to use too, but it depends on the type of decoration you wish to use. In my case, mason jars weren't really going to work... You'll see why soon.

The next step, after I polished my jar/vase was to apply the lace tape which I purchased at a different market. I was kind of annoyed as I didn't realise I had paid full price! You can buy the exact same at Lincraft - or something similar online. Before I bought this, I had been looking on eBay and there are HEAPS of different types you can find. But because I wasn't sure on exactly what I wanted, I opted to buy what I could actually see.  

And here is how it looks! I love the look of this, it transforms the vase from an ordinary to pretty! However this isn't the finished result, I then needed to look for glass beads for inside the vase to keep the brushes upright and separated. This isn't really a huge deal, but I wanted to add more colour and to match my bedroom - which is decorated in hot pink, light pink, white and black. I found the exactly what I was after in Pots Avenue....  They're not a beaded shape, they look more like ice  cubes! The pink was $4 for a small bag and the clear was $7 for a large bag.

And this is it! A really easy way to store makeup brushes. To make it more of a feature, you can also show your off your fancy storage vase by putting a flameless tea-light candle behind it. I like this look, it has a nightclub look to it!

I'd love to know what you think. Isn't Pinterest great?! lol. How do you store your makeup brushes? Would you consider making your own?

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