Saturday, June 16, 2012

Nubar's Purple Beach

I have just received my very first order of Nubar polishes. Why has it taken me so long to buy them? Because I couldn't decide which ones I wanted, they're all so pretty! :( So I finally made a decision and decided which three I wanted first - the only problem then was to decide which one to WEAR first! Anyway, here is Purple Beach - I took plenty of photos, because I loved the way that the duochrome flashes so easily.

For those who are yet to try Nubar, their duochromes are really something. You can be sitting still and see every colour this polish contains in the one angle, like a rainbow on your fingernail. I've always loved looking at images of Nubar polishes because of their range of colours.

Unfortunately I don't know of any retail stores in Australia which stock Nubar, but I recommend taking a look at BeautyBay because they have free shipping and a great range of colours to purchase. They also stock most of my favourite makeup brands, so it's almost a one-stop shop for me! <3 


  1. Beautiful colour, lovely shimmer. A shame i cant buy it here in Oz.

  2. Such a gorgeous duochrome. Great photos!!