Sunday, April 08, 2012

My first Konad, awww.

Happy Easter!!

I've been pretty lucky you know, I got Clarins 230 from Santa and now I finally have Konad plates! Thanks Easter Bunny! :D

I spent most of today practicing the technique! I was surprised with how tricky it really is, because the lady in the Konad shop made it look so easy :/ But, after a few tries I began to figure out my own little approach. Keep in mind that my nails are still recovering from the trauma of being cut very short (in other words, they still look like crap) but I couldn't resist posting these pics - I'm really proud of my first proper go!!

This design is from image plate 51 and the two polishes are the Black special konad polish and China Glaze L8R G8R. This is also the first time I have actually worn L8R G8R properly and to be honest with you - I thought it was pretty at first... But then once I went outside and saw the holographic, well, I was smitten.

This is the photo I tried to take of L8R G8R with the holo. This photo doesn't do it ANY justice, in real life the colour looks brighter and more vibrant. For some reason it looks more golden in this photo. Sigh, hurry up with GROW nails :(

Anyway, the final result of the konad - while it isn't perfect I'm still pretty chuffed with myself. Once you get your head around it - it is really fun. I practiced for awhile stamping on a piece of paper and found this to be helpful.

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  1. i adore the konad stamps! i usually wouldn't wear such a light greenish colour, but it makes the black scroll work really pop! fantastic job!