Sunday, September 09, 2012

Beauty Joint Haul!

I have a different type of haul to show this time. It isn't just nail polish! We have makeup too this time :)

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china, glaze, polish, neon, hang ten

Here are a few I chose from the China Glaze Summer Neon 2012 Collection. From left to right we have; Beach Cruise-r, Splish Splash and Hang Ten Toes. I'm wearing one of them right NOW, so keep an eye out for swatches!

fuschia, glitter, pink, purple, polish, milani, FX

Milani 'Fuschia' Jewel FX. You may already know, it's my favourite colour. I just couldn't resist!

On to the makeup:

wnw, wet n wild, eyeshadow, mac dupe,

Wet n Wild's 'Comfort Zone' Palette. I have been after this for awhile now, because I've heard of how lovely and pigmented WnW's shadows are. Bottom left is the MAC 'Club' dupe, so if you're on a budget but love MAC - this is a good and popular alternative.

pink, blue, white, eyeshadow, wnw, wet n wild, retro

Another Wet n Wild palette, 'I'm Feeling Retro'. I have said in the past that I really dislike blue and pink together, but I've seen people use this combination for smokey eye and it looks stunning! The blue is more of a lavender blue from what I can tell.

wnw, wet n wild, brat, eyeshadow, pink, glitter, black, silver

Spoiled Brat by WnW. What can I say? Hot pink, glittery black and silver eyeshadow in the one palette!? YES PLEASE!

 NYX, eyeliner, jumbo, pencil, black, white, big, eye,

My first ever purchase of NYX products. People go nuts over this brand, so it must be great! I wear eyeliner 99% of the time and have heard/read excellent reviews on the Jumbo liners. Black (Black Bean) obviously to line your eyelid(s) and the white (Milk) - I use to line the waterline. 

I must mention again, how impressed I am with Beauty Joint's packaging standards. Every item was securely and neatly wrapped. I always appreciate companies who take pride in customer satisfaction. These guys are awesome.

So what do you think!? Do you use any of these products? What do you think of them? 

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  1. The china glaze neons look gorgeous! I love the look of 'hang ten toes' in particular, I cannot wait for you to swatch this...and I really hope you do a shadowy eye tutorial :)