Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The chrome trick!

I don't know about you, but I find chrome to be the trickiest nail polish finish to work with. It will show every single perfection of your nail, ridges, peels, the lot. Stargazer, (which is apparently a good dupe for China Glaze 'Millenium') will have your nails looking like they have been chrome plated, which is a really cool look - but annoying to perfect. But here is a way in which you may find helpful, so you can have your chrome without all the time-consuming prep.

I bet you're expecting a long winded tutorial on what to do, right? Nope. Just paint it over your current mani!

Up until today, I was still wearing my black with Bohemian Luster stamping! (It lasted for a week! I think that is a record for me.) And before removing it, I decided to apply Stargazer over it - because 

1) I haven't swatched it for my blog and 
2) After a week long of the same manicure, I wanted something a bit out there.

See the thing is, chrome finish polishes such as CG's Bohemian Luster or Romance collection aren't really your chrome chrome type of finish. They have a solid yet frosty type of formula which will have them categorized as a chrome finish. But with Stargazer, Millenium and other dupes of these - they are your true chromes that will give you reflections in your nails and replicate the look of as if you have just spray painted your nails silver. 

If you were to apply this on your naked nail, you would need to buff your nails and STILL wear a ridge filler base coat, then try your hardest to apply a quick, smooth application before it dries. Meanwhile this way, it is quick, lazy, but it looks insanely smoother. You may or may not have tried this before - but it is the only wear I wear this polish now.

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