Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Orly Purple Crush.. Stamped

I purchased the mini bottle of Orly's Purple Crush quite awhile ago and haven't worn it until now. In the bottle, it is my favourite type of dark fuschia but on my nails it turned into a dark berry colour. So I'm a little disappointed about that, so I stamped over it.


I don't know, what was I thinking?! I wanted to try out the Bohemian Luster again (Want My Bawdy) and by the time I finished I realised... I hate pink and blue together. I always have!


I guess I just wasn't having the greatest polish day, but I have kept it on - for two reasons really. Firstly I couldn't be bothered removing it and redoing my nails and secondly, even though I don't really rate these colours together - I do like the iridescent sparkle of the blue. 


What do you think? Nice? Fail? Be honest I don't mind... Hence why I have just named and shamed my own manicure! What are your least favourite colour combinations?