Sunday, January 08, 2012

Shattering a colourful mani..

I was looking through my polish stash and noticed that I have quite a lot of neons. I could not decide which to choose so, I compromised....

The best thing about shatter manicures, (especially if you use multiple colours) is that you don't have to be neat. By this I don't mean paint your entire finger - but you can relax a little more on the straight lines of neon colours. I know that shatter mani's have been very popular, but this is a five minute manicure for those who love bright colours and want a patterned effect without too much prep.

For my neons, I used a few colours from the Color Club 'Electro Candy' collection: Green "What A Shock", Blue: "Pure Energy" and my favourite all time neon which is the China Glaze 'Purple Panic (neon)'. The more I look at my nails, the more I think 'What else does this mani remind me of?'.. Then it hit me:

If the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air had of painted his nails, they would look like mine.

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