Saturday, January 07, 2012

A beauty themed Christmas!

All I want for Christmas is my two front teeth thirty. 
Clarins, 230 is the polish which most nail polish addicts dream of owning ... and would have made a perfectly good Horcrux in the HP movies because of its desire. It is rare, which is unfortunate because it is incredibly beautiful. If you do find it, (such as on ebay) it is usually sold at a disgustingly expensive price :( Word has it, that it will never be 're-released' by Clarins due to not being able to obtain all ingredients to recreate the formula.

However lucky for me, Santa was able to deliver the goods and boy was I pleased!

Once I had finished my manicure, I needed to take as many photos as possible to capture the colours which beam from the polish from all angles under different lights.

Clarins 230 is a chameleon multichrome which radiates colours such as chocolate, red, purple, gold, amber, rose and different shades of green. Although I had already read of how sheer the polish is, I was still surprised as I applied it for the first time. If you do purchase 230, it does seem watery - but little does go a long way. Layer it over a dark colour such as black or darkest blue. Without laying, you will need numerous coats and for the price you pay for it - I would want to make it last :)

These photos taken, is two coats of Clarins 230 over one coat of China Glaze Liquid Leather.

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