Monday, February 04, 2013

Anochi Kai - by Candeo Colors

Do you like glittery, shade shifting duochomes? Because I certainly do! Anochi Kai is a purple jelly, consisting of a glorious duochrome effect of purple/pink and gold. It is really really stunning. It is a polish that needs building, so don't expect your first coat to give you any indication of its true beauty.

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Thursday, January 24, 2013

Returning with Aurora!

Wow, I took a much longer break than I had anticipated! Never fear though, despite my lengthy break I have PLENTY of polish to show for it. First things first, is to finish what I was discussing before Christmas which was the Zoya collection. Aurora is, what I gather one of the Zoya polishes which really brought peoples attention to their Ornate collection. And for good reason too:

Zoya, holo, holographic, pink, burgundy, ornate, nail'n, nail, dazzle

Sunday, December 02, 2012

Zoya - Blaze

Zoya's 'Blaze' from the Ornate collection is a jam-packed with holographic glitter, making it a great competitor against the commonly adored 'Ruby Pumps' from China Glaze. Unfortunately, Blaze is really difficult to photographic and the photo's you see below really doesn't do the polish much justice. When looking at it on your nails, you can see intense sparkle and shine from the glitter throughout the jelly-like base. 95% opaque in one coat, what you see below is two coats with a top coat :) The formula applies perfectly. Argh, why has it taken me so long to buy Zoya's?!?! I love them.

 ornate, red, holographic, holo, glitter, polish, nail, dazzle

ornate, red, holographic, holo, glitter, polish, nail, dazzle

I think that besides the holographic effect within Blaze, it is actually a more vampy shade of red than the ever-so-sparkly Ruby Pumps. I would say that if you love Ruby Pumps, you'll love this too - because it has the glittery formula, it has the holographic but it also has this edginess. It's more of a blood red, a Halloween glamour red - rather than a happy Christmas red. :) What do you think?

Thursday, November 29, 2012

Giveaway winner announced!

How exciting!! The giveaway for the China Glaze and Max Factor polishes has ended. And the winner will be selected by their entry number from

And the winner is.........

Congratulations Rose!! 

Please email me at with your details and these beautiful polishes will  be on their way!

Thank you to everyone who entered, by subscribing and also sharing my blog on twitter and facebook! I'm not sure when the next giveaway will be, but there will be another one :)

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Zoya - Storm

As soon as I saw the swatches for Zoya's Ornate Collection, I had to have them. The collection is full of holographic glitters and sparkles, how could anyone resist? I received my order a number of weeks ago, so today was an exciting day when I began to apply my first ever Zoya polish! I'll be posting about each polish individually, starting with Storm.

zoya, black, ornate, storm, holographic, holo, glitter

I tell you what, this polish took me by surprise. It already looked beautiful, as you can see above - a black glittery multicolour holographic... It has a beautiful shine and the application is amazingly smooth. This is only two coats with a top coat! I was already impressed before, until I caught a glimpse of it under direct lighting - to see it shining and reflecting all the various colours.  

zoya, black, ornate, storm, holographic, holo, glitter

The colour shifting makes the holographic glitter-particles stand out. It's crazy.... Stunning. But crazy. This image gives you more of an idea on how the holographic effect works within the formula. You can see the shifts of orange, blue, purple, gold and green. I don't own or know of any polish quite like it!